A tool called a planer is a tool that is widely used. Its basic function is to cut or shave off materials to get them to be smooth. This material can either be wood or metal depending on what job you are doing. Makita is a brand that has been making tools for many years and one of those tools is a planer. Makita makes many different versions of a planer so there should be no asking, “What is a Makita planer?”

There are five different planers that Makita makes. The first, and the largest, is the Makita 12-1/4″ planer. This is a powerful planer having a 15 amp motor and doing 12,000 RPMs. The belt has been designed and made with grooves to make Makita the transfer of power from the motor to the blades the most efficient. The handle has been made out of rubber to provide comfort while in use and there is a large knob on this tool to make adjustments much easier. The cord with this tool is the longest coming in at 33 feet.

Another planer is the Makita 12″ planer. This one is easily transported because it is lightweight and it is compact. This planer is one of the best on the market because it is the fastest and it is the easiest to change. Also, for some more bragging rights, this planer is the quietest on the market. There is also a detachable box on this tool for extra storage.

There is a curved base planer that Makita makes and that is 4-3/8″ planer. This tool has two handles for extra control. In addition, the front grip adds extra control to make sure this tool is held tight. The bevel radius is adjustable and the lock on the bottom can be locked in placed so the planer can be used continuously.

There is also a regular Makita 4-3/8″ planer for flat surfaces. This planer is small in size and has an all ball bearing design to add years to the life of this tool. The motor comes in at 7. 5 amps. This planer is made out of aluminum and this helps to give the tool the best accuracy possible.