Plastic containers, no matter what size they are, are staples in the retail world. They’re durable, versatile, and convenient display fixtures that work well to organize, hold, display, and store merchandise and complimentary items as well as collect items like tips and raffle tickets from customers.

However, plastic containers – especially small plastic containers – have numerous uses outside of the retail world, as well. Read on for container bestellen ideas on how you can make these containers work for you in everyday life – even if you don’t manage a retail business!

1. Store and Display Food in Small Plastic Containers

These kinds of containers are excellent tools for both storing and display edible items. Because they’re available in various shapes and styles, you can fill them with everything from wrapped and unwrapped candies to small baked goods like brownies or cookies.

Keep in mind that if you choose to store food products of any kind in these containers – and the items aren’t already protected by wrappers – you’ll need to choose containers with lids. These lids – whether they snap or screw on – will help keep your food fresh and safe from dust and other debris. At the same time, depending on the kind of food product you plan to display, you might also want to consider containers with handles or handgrips, as well as pairing the containers with tools like aluminum or plastic scoops.

2. Use Small Plastic Containers for Collections

If you are collecting donations for any kind of organization, whether it be a charity or nonprofit organization or a high school sports team or club, you might think using large plastic containers would make more sense. After all, the larger the container the more money you can collect, right?

In reality, using small containers makes it much easier for you and your volunteers, co-workers, or fellow team or club members to keep up with the containers – especially if they’re going to be carrying them from one location to the next.

3. Fill Small Plastic Containers with Prizes

Whether you manage Bingo night at your local community center or teach Sunday school classes at your church, you can use these containers for storing and displaying small novelty prizes for winning games. You can even use them for storing game pieces!

4. Use Small Plastic Containers in Your Classroom

These containers are great tools for storing and displaying everything from tools you might use in your classroom such as thumbtacks, staples, paper clips, extra pieces of chalk, and encouragement stickers you place on your students’ papers to prizes for any games you might play with your class.