The path to… is paved with good intentions. All Realtors have heard the truth. Consistent marketing is the key to consistent sales. Building a true marketing cycle of prospecting, and deal flow that establishes a measurable customer life cycle value. By having a consistent message delivery system, you can begin to establish a norm of your true marketing costs per deal. Only by having measurable results and consistent marketing that are trackable can you establish an actual career in the Real Estate field. Perhaps the most valuable tool, with the highest ROI, and measurable life cycle is the monthly Real Estate Newsletter.

Many Realtors “Intend” to research, write, layout, print, select a geographic farm or client segment from their database, and then real estate outsourcing deliver a high quality, memorable newsletter each month to their carefully selected clients. However, many Realtors, even the most professional, do not realize the actual time investment it requires to do this month after month. It is the lack of great accountability partners, mentors, time, and the basic routine discipline it takes to stay on task, on schedule over a period of time. We create excuses, give other things our important time, pushing the newsletter to the back burner. Once you skip it once, it becomes easier to do it again. Maybe the first month was great, then it took five weeks, then it was every other month, and eventually they quit. This is a common problem with most approaches to marketing, too many Realtors are one, and done. They think, “Hey, I went door knocking yesterday and it didn’t work.” So each day, week, and month they are chasing a new shiny object looking for the magic bullet of success. The most highly regarded Realtors with the most consistent success make it look so easy that the herd fails to learn from them and instead fails horribly over and over. What the herd fails to see is the dedicated, professional, disciplined approach that a true sales pro employs. A true professional has a system, and a routine that they stick to militantly. They have found the magic bullet, and it is called consistency. By implementing a routine system of marketing that you can easily stick to and repeat daily you will develop a true deal flow, and your funnel will runneth over.

Steady marketing will always create results that you can rely on, creating predictable income, and a long successful career. Many Realtors create success for themselves by leveraging their time, sticking to what they do best, operating from their strengths. One smart way to do that is to outsource the most valuable marketing that you can employ, the monthly RE newsletter. By providing some basic input to a writer you can have a professional, customized newsletter done for you each month. A newsletter that is engaging, relevant to your market, and entertaining to your clients. It can become an easy task that you schedule each month. Then it is done for you by a team of writers, published, printed, and mailed for you on time each month. The monthly newsletter is a marketing force multiplier. Every time you walk through your neighborhood you have something new and relevant to discuss with your clients and prospects. It makes you an invaluable resource for information and turns you into a respected source of expert information, relevant neighborhood news and some entertaining conversation. You make the transformation from uninvited pest, to welcome guest. Each newsletter is like a face to face sales meeting right in your client’s home at the kitchen table, building long term success with a steady stream of new clients. It is this consistency, relevancy, and respect that will turn your competitor’s buyers into your future property listings. You will be able to lock out the competition by creating market dominating top of mind presence in your neighborhood. That may sound great, but how can a newsletter do all that for you?

A newsletter for your clients written by professionals who only write newsletters is a lot different than a mom and pop postcard. An outsourced newsletter is a professional piece of interesting, engaging, interactive and entertaining literature. It is well written to create a ‘tribe’ of followers that look forward to each issue. Your newsletter will be collected, shared, and talked about with neighbors. When anybody in your farm has a real estate need you will be the only person they think of, ever. It is more than just Real Estate industry jargon, and babbling N.A.R. statistics, if your client’s wanted to read all of that they would also be Realtors! Professional writers create an expectation of response from your readers by delivering engaging content peppered throughout with calls to action and reasons to start a conversation with you. Many Realtors who deliver their own newsletter each month make that very mistake. They use the newsletter as a soapbox for a one-way conversation. Friend, we all know that Real Estate is a relationship business and good relationships don’t get started with one-way conversations. Take this opportunity to capitalize on the recent market growth and invest in your marketing to build your life long career. Every Realtor knows they should have a monthly newsletter, but none of them do it. You should get started now by locally outsourcing your monthly real estate newsletter. It creates a serious competitive market advantage.