Did you know, on average you can save £140 on your energy bills with a smart thermostat!

Yes, the changes a thermostat can bring when it comes to reducing energy bills, can indeed be this drastic.

What are traditional thermostats?

A thermostat is a controlling device that is used to regulate the temperature in your home by managing and regulating the heating systems.

The thermostat devices that come with most apartments or houses are usually a standard room thermostat with some having a timer. 

These regular devices ensure that the room temperature stays at a specific value by turning the heating systems on and off accordingly.

When the temperature goes over your desired value, for example, a regular thermostat will sense the need to turn up your house’s cooling system. When the desired temperature is reached, the cooling system is then turned off and later, on again when it is required.

What are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats are wi-fi-connected thermostats, which can be monitored and controlled through your mobile phone. They make it easy for you to track and control their process remotely, and smartly keep track of your temperature preferences!

These advanced thermostats switch to energy-saving temperatures while you’re away, or at home. By using accurate data monitoring devices to maintain your home’s temperature, you ensure that little to no energy is wasted through unrequired heating or cooling.

How are smart thermostats different from regular ones?

While it is true that a smart thermostat is a money-saving thermostat, how is it different from a normal thermostat in this regard?

Smart thermostat savings vary a lot from those done by original thermostat versions since they can be controlled remotely.

These advanced versions of thermostats also learn from and adapt to their users’ preferred energy usage patterns, while traditional ones need to be operated manually instead. This means that they efficiently save energy costs in both the users’ presence and absence!

Moreover, smart thermostats come with digital and easy-to-control interfaces, as well as functions such as energy saved/spent charts, gentle reminders for you to conserve more energy, and many others.

Traditional thermostats, on the other hand, have very limited options. They are not even nearly as customisable, accessible, or efficient as smart ones. Smart thermostats by certain brands have been claimed to lower energy costs by up to 26%.

How exactly do smart thermostats save energy costs?

Savings with a smart thermostat are drastic and life-changing and promote sustainable living through promoting the efficient use of energy resources.

These thermostats come with away-from-home options that adjust temperatures within the house according to the atmosphere outside when the owners are away. This is done whilst considering the best possible ways to prevent unnecessary energy costs.

It is also very convenient to use these advanced devices since instead of getting up and manually controlling your air conditioning or heating devices, you can just do so with a few commands given through your mobile phone.

While it is true that certain top-notch smart thermostats can reach price points over £200, countless top brands have been offering rebates and discounts on their products for certain customers.

For instance, ecobee.com is offering subsidies for thousands of thermostats and donating hundreds of devices to families in need by partnering with NGOs and other organizations.

The Georgia Power Marketplace is offering a £100 instant rebate on the latest NEST smart thermostats, and 50% discounts on Honeywell and Emerson smart thermostats.

Due to their many advantages, smart thermostats are either wanted or owned by a shocking 75% of the whole UK population!

This is also because the energy-saving advantages of these advanced thermostats greatly outweigh their price tags. They enable you to get an in-depth look into the energy inflows and outflows of your house, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Smart thermostats come with apps that allow you to create and implement your customised temperature-regulating schedule without you having to carry out boring manual programming.

Most models come with motion sensors and geo-fencing technologies that sense and register periods when you are not at home, to allow time for temperature setbacks, which are short intervals where energy costs are effectively saved.

Smart thermostat apps can be used with other highly accessible technologies like Siri to make commanding them even easier. You can now tell Siri or your google assistant to adjust your temperatures for you!

These money-saving thermostats also make up monthly energy-saving reports and online dashboard options, which give you all the precise details you need to perfectly monitor your energy-saving progress.

Some models also have voice-control options for increased effectiveness. They even keep track of activities such as your bedtimes, to provide you with the best and most cost-efficient temperature conditions required during your sleep time.

According to a study based in the UK and conducted by Heating Wise, smart thermostats help reduce household emissions and unrequired energy use.

This is because of their capabilities to eliminate or reduce the emissions of fugitive greenhouse gases that may be caused by irregular natural gas emissions as well as other leaks.

Over 80% of new house buyers are usually more interested in buying eco-friendly houses.

Smart thermostats make homes sustainable without costing too much, thanks to the many incentives being offered by sellers and some local governments, to promote their use.

These thermostats also break bad habits their users probably didn’t even realise they had by learning their energy usage patterns and optimising them regularly to produce the most efficient results.

Forgetting to turn your AC or heating system off won’t make a dent in your financial situation anymore, thanks to this brilliant innovation!


So, what are you waiting for? Smart thermostats teach you more about cost-saving and influence cost-cutting habits in your life. Weigh the pros and cons yourself and turn your home’s environment into a more financially optimised one with this device!

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Saving On Energy Bills with A Smart Thermostat